Minnesota 3rd Degree DWI Lawyer

DWI – 3rd Degree (BAC over .2)

There are four types of Gross Misdemeanor 3rd Degree “Driving While Impaired” in Minnesota. A second DUI within ten years of a prior, a first time .20, a first time Refusal to Submit to Alcohol Testing or driving under the influence of alcohol while having a child under the age of 16 or 36 months younger than the driver. These Gross Misdemeanor charges can carry a minimum thirty-day sentence and a fine of up to $3,000.

Gross Misdemeanor DWI and Driving Privileges

Second Time in Ten Years: If you have a prior DWI conviction or if you tested over .08 during your prior DWI, you could lose your privilege to drive for six month and no limited driver’s license will be issued until after 90 days.

First Time Refusal: If you are being charged with a first time Test Refusal and have no prior DWI offenses you face the possibility of losing your driving privileges for one year.

First Time Over .20. If you are facing a .20 or More charge you face the possibility of losing your driving privileges for 180 days with no chance for a limited driver’s license for at least 60 days.

All of these offenses include impoundment of license plate.

Refusing to take the test

It is possible that a gross misdemeanor may be the consequence if you refuse to take a breath, urine, or blood test to confirm whether or not alcohol is present. It is possible that refusal to take a test could also result in a felony that is the equivalent of a first or second-degree felony. At that time your license may be seized immediately and suspended for up to a year.

What Should You Do?

Call Martin S. Azarian Criminal Defense, P.A. immediately. Here is what you need to know. In most cases, I can have back on the road with FULL driving privileges in just seven days! In some cases I can have your driving with normal plates, not the Whiskey Plates the police want you to drive. But you have only thirty days to fight a DWI. Look at the back of your seven-day temporary license. You have the right to a hearing to have your driving privileges re-instated and have the police return your plates.

Minnesota DWI Attorneys & Lawyers

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